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Problem with camera and usb-storage


I have a problem mounting my camera. It worked before, but since some time
ago, it won't work anymore. Here is some output from the bash. I hope
someone can help me to find out what's wrong.

scsi6 : SCSI emulation for USB Mass Storage devices
  Vendor: OLYMPUS   Model: C-700UltraZoom    Rev: 1.00
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
Attached scsi generic sg0 at scsi6, channel 0, id 0, lun 0,  type 0

# sg_scan -i
/dev/sg0: scsi6 channel=0 id=0 lun=0 [em]
    OLYMPUS   C-700UltraZoom    1.00 [rmb=1 cmdq=0 pqual=0 pdev=0x0]
# mount -t vfat /dev/sg0 /mnt/camera/
mount: /dev/sg0 is not a block device

Thank you,


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