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Re: dual-OS system

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 08:47:29PM -0800, ken keanon wrote:
> 2. Linux uses ext2 or ext3 filesystem, XP uses NTFS. 

Not necessairly.  Linux also *can* use XFS, JFFS, ReiserFS, etc.  XP
also *can* use FAT32.

By default, most Linux installers are set to ext3, and XP's default is
NTFS, but you can change it to FAT32.

> Can files be swap between the two? 

My last dual-boot setup included two drives.  The first looked like:

hda1 - ntfs WindowsXP
hda2 - ext3 Linux

hdb1 - vfat Storage

I could copy music/pictures to the FAT32 storage drive and use them in
Linux and Windows.

There are Windows applications that can read ext partitions.  One that I
know of is Ext2FS Anywhere by Paragon (commercial).  I used it and it
worked well.  But if you have a third partition that both OSes can
read/write, you're set.


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