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Re: Search Algorithm

--- Eric Gaumer <gaumerel@ecs.fullerton.edu> wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 12:09 -0800, Sergio Basurto
> Juarez wrote:
> > First of all thanks for the note, I think I will
> use a
> > Hashing Table as some one suggest here, becuase in
> > this case seems to be more suitable for the
> problem,
> > why am so worry about speed, is becuase is a web
> > application in php, and it takes to long with the
> > binarysearch algorithm, nevertheless I am testing
> the
> > same with Hashing Tables and it suits to what I am
> > looking in time consuming.
> > 
> > Also I was wondering if there were some magic
> equation
> > that do the trick without hashing tables, but I
> think
> > the time that will take me to find some one is too
> > much so I will use hashing tables meanwhile.
> > 
> > Thanks again.
> The binary search is O(logn) which is quite fast. It
> reduces your
> problem by half on each iteration (divide and
> conquer). The problem is
> the sort. You haven't really specified enough about
> the problem to
> helpful. If you need fast search times then why use
> an array? You should
> be using some tree structure if you really want
> efficient search times.
> Obviously a good hash is going to be O(1) depending
> on your collision
> handling. 
> In this case I would suggest a different language.
> It's not the
> algorithm itself but rather the language. Try coding
> this part in a
> different language. Even Perl will me much faster.
> The STL is the way to
> go these days. Try using a vector with the STL sort
> and find algorithms
> and you'll see it's very fast and probably meets the
> speeds of a hash in
> PHP.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing PHP. It's just
> that it wasn't
> designed for intense algorithmic purposes. The web
> is very flexible and
> mixing languages shouldn't be too difficult to do. I
> know Python does
> extending and embedding.
> Don't just look at the algorithm, look at the whole
> picture.
Ok good advice, I think you are quite right, maybe I
am trying to do something with a language that is not
designed to do what I want. 

Even I am thinking in C as a cgi.

Than you.

Sergio Basurto J.

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