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Re: why debian

> Mark Crean wrote:
> >Debian must be fantastic as a server OS (though I've never had trouble 
> >in three and a half years with SuSE for httpd, ftp, mail, so far) but it 
> >seems too rough on the desktop, lacking in polish and with the Debian 
> >system of commands in many ways more complicated than the rpm and 
> >YaST-based stuff on SuSE (which can also now be set up for the apt 
> >system).

I started with Debian.  It took me a month.  I also burned a Mandrake
ISO, and some others, and used them as references to see what I should
expect to work and what I shouldn't.  But under them I was as completely
ignorant as to what was actually going on as I was in Windows.

I started from ground zero, I mean just getting old non-truetype, plain 
jane X fonts with twm working.  Then getting a GTK1 envronment.  Then a 
GTK2 environment, with anti-aliasing.  Then my printer.  Then burning 
CDs.  Then watching DVDs.  Each task, required active learning on my 
part, but nothing was inconsistent, or unachievable.  It took a month,
but by the end I knew exactly what was going on and exactly why each 
thing worked.  I wasn't ignorant any more.

But it took a month, and 3 months before I knew how to create my own
software.  I must have started over 15-20 times.  This was a month of
5-6 hours per day.  The tradeoff is knowledge and control, versus ease
of use.

Difficulty vs. frailty.  Now I have exactly what I want: a perfect
eye-candy environment when I want it, with total control over when
and how it functions.  It suits me at least.

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