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Re: mysql-server dependency

On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 09:48:53PM +0700, David Garamond wrote:
> Why does the mysql-server package depend on mailx? I don't see something 
> like this on Redhat's package, for example.

Because of the checks for corrupt database tables that the initscript for
it makes on every startup.  How else do you expect it to tell you that
something is wrong?  Not all database machines have a console people stare
at on each boot, nor do you necessarily want the boot to pause while it
displays that message (the machine may be tasked with other things besides
a database server).

Cluebies whine continually about how useless local mail is.  They're wrong.
What you use to PROVIDE it, is open to argument.

As for what RedHat's packages do... who cares?

 Marc Wilson |     QOTD: "I used to be an idealist, but I got mugged
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