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Re: Re: Please help: Sarge+KDE terribly slow!?

Thanks All,

Ken wrote:
"For diagnostic purposes, create a new user, and log in to KDE as that
user. Does that user have a slow login also? If not, the problem is in
your personal KDE settings. If so, then it's a system-wide problem. But
I suspect it's in your files rather than system-wide, thus this
suggestion to try a new user."

I removed (purged) all desktop (lastly was installed gnome -similiar behavior - but why?) packages and installed kde-core package. Start time about 10-12 minutes.
Then I renamed Desktop and all .k* files in my home directory and ...
similiar results (next restart after Configuration wizard took about 10 minutes also)
Next, as Ken suggested, I create a new user and it works smootly!!!
(less than 2 minutes from startx to launch konsole). GREAT!
But why after renaming Desktop and .k* files still KDE starts so slowly?

Andreas wrote:
"Maybe running fc-cache to rebuild the font cache helps"

Please clarify, I don't understand this,


"I would remove all the KDE packages including the configuration:

apt-get --purge remove kde.*

and then reinstall it, if nothing else helps."

I made this many times, but this dosn't help.

Thomas wrote:

"This is normal for KDE"

No, I dont think is normall

Thanks all once again
Mirek Stefanski

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