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Re: why debian - longer - kernels

hi ya

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004, William Ballard wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 13, 2004 at 09:03:25PM -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > stock kernel problems ... which is next to impossible to work for
> > "everybody for every combination of hardware"
> What would happen if you just went through "make menuconfig" and 
> answered "y" / builtin for everything possible.  Would that make a 
> kernel that could work with anything Linux is capable of working with?

not quite ... the problem is:
	- with "y" the kernel gets super super big by putting it all into
	the kernel
		- you killed off all those that want to keep
		the kernel small so that it fits on a floppy
		or those that want to have a complete linux on a floppy

	- some exploiter will probably find a kernel buffer overflow
	in one or more of the drivers

		- you made it insecure for those that do NOT need
		those modules in their kernel

	- if you use "m" instead of "y" for all the drivers...
	the kernel is little smalller ... but you would need an initrd
	if you used "m" for ide or scsi drivers to boot your box

	- if you use and older kernel than what is currently released
	on kernel.org, you're missing those drivers in your version
	and not able to support those particular hardware
	( its NOT an issue, unless oyu need that latest/greatest drivers
	( with bug fixes and new features in the drivers

- there is no solution that fits all ..
	- if its broken, "fix it" for your or your customer's
	requirements/specs .. :-)

c ya

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