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Re: Debian and spam

Incoming from John Hannibal Smith:
> Am I safe from getting spam on this list? 

Nope.  The list does stop a lot of spam, but some does still come

> Will my e-mail address (jsmith@cistst.com) be sold or distributed?

Probably, and now that you've posted it, it's available to anyone who
looks in lists.debian.org archives.

Hiding from spammers doesn't work, and though reporting spammers
doesn't appear to work very well either, it's more satisfying.  I wish
every mail server would update its rbl lists hourly.  That might make
a dent on them, and make reporting spammers much more satisfying.

I get a fairly constant 100-175 spam a day, depending on the day of
the week.  Ca. 100-160 of those are from IPs that are already on
rbls.  Wednesday through Saturday, the counts ramp up from 100/160 to
115/175.  I still get 2-10 Swen related mail per day.

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