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user-friendly mp3/cd player combination

hi folks,

our cd player died so I'm converting my old laptop to a part-time
mp3-player/ cdp player.  I usually use xmms & groovycd to play music,
but that combination is a little clumsy for my family members.  here's
what I want:

-an mp3 organizer that makes it really easy to design & play mp3/ogg

-a cd player that recognizes an audio cd when it's inserted, & maybe
starts to play right away.  

both should be usable by non-power-users
this is all happening on a pII-233 laptop running xfce4.  it would be
great if the overhead for the UI isn't too high, since the machine
isn't super-powerful.

look forward to hearing your suggestions!

 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
`. `'` 	     & hemi-geek
don't use these addresses:  aardvark@derailleur.org, zeus@derailleur.org

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