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Limiting User Commands

Hello all,

Is there an easy way to limit the commands a certain group of users
can execute? I've looked at chroot, and it's too complicated for my
needs and seems too easy to circumvent; users will be able to upload
their own Perl scripts, so it seems that they'll be able to access
commands outside their chroot by getting Apache w/ mod_perl to execute
the script.

I'd like to be able to compile a list of commands/programs that users
in a certain group will be able to execute (ex. cp, mv, rm, etc).
However, I'd also be happy to compile a list of commands users
shouldn't be able to execute. In regards to the latter method, would
it be possible for me to change the group ownership of the commands I
don't want users to have access to and revoke execute permission from
that group?

Stephen Le

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