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Re: vote: best webmail !

I like Squirrelmail myself, because it's fairly minimalistic, and it was
the first webmail system I found myself using, and never felt the urge
to use anything else.

I used NeoMail for a little while, didn't think it was too bad, but
personally it's Squirrelmail for me.

ms linux wrote:
which one is the best webmail ??? I've been looking
for this ...
squirrelmail ? openwebmail ? or ...

( i prefer openwebmail cause it has a tool to export
address book from CSV file ) but it seem that it
doesn't maintain well or at least its forum looks like
Many users moaning out there.




  I love Linux but how many years will I wait to have awesome games run on
  my linux box ???
  During that time I will always have dual boot ....


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