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Re: Debian unstable vs Ubuntu


Am Dienstag, den 26.10.2004, 21:03 +0200 schrieb Andreas Janssen:
> What exactly does modconf do other than load a module and save it's name
> to /etc/modules?

Exactly that. modconf saves me from understanding how modules work,
where they are, in which configfile they have to be written on Kernel
2.x. I do not know anything about modules - and with modconf all my
machines run without trouble. 

I want modconf. :-)

>  If you want to manage modules on your own, add their
> lines to /etc/modules.

But I have no simple list of "this are soundcard modules" and "this are
NIC modules" and ... I am sure one could use a "find /lib/ ...", but I
prefer it the modprobe-way.

>  By the way, Debian Sarge also installs discover1
> and hotplug by default, which will detect your hardware, and there is
> no modconf in the new installer.

...and I remove discover ... :-)

BTW, I think the "inside technology" of the Debian Installer is a lot
better than the old one, but in handling I absolutely like the woody
installer more. I am lost in the new one, even booting with "expert"
there's a lot of "Yes, No, Go back, Skip" instead of woodys "Place your
foor on 'Enter', I install the absolut minimum, go on and fix the rest
yourself". :-)

Just my taste.


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