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Re: Can BIND resolve "nodomain" machine names? "myserver", not "myserver.mydomain"...?

On Wed, 03 Nov 2004 16:58:38 +0000, Joao Clemente <jpcl@rnl.ist.utl.pt> wrote:
> I was using dnsmasq in my networks, with wich I was happy till my ISP
> changed nameservers and I was left without a network of 10 machines
> complaining they had no Internet...
> Well, I decided to setup BIND on those machines, but I am missing a
> feature of dnsmasq that I can't find a way to setup bind with:
> dnsmasq reads /etc/hosts and is able to respond to queries to whatever
> is in that file... we can setup /etc/hosts with:
> myserver
> proxy
> printServer
> and query from the network for these names...
> Does anyone knows how to setup bind to do this? It ony seems to be able
> to read configs for domains/zones, and I've tried
> zone ""
> with no sucess...
> I know how to work around this: I setup my local network names in
> "mydomain" zone and setup all my clients to "search mydomain"... but
> before doing all these changes I would like to be sure there is no way
> to do what dnsmasq did...
> Anyone knows?

IIRC you need to add a line "order hosts,bind" on your /etc/host.conf...


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