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Re: Default application. How to?

Ralph Katz wrote:
On 10/30/2004 09:50 PM, [KS] wrote:

I configured x-www-browser to use mozilla, but Thunderbird still
starts Epiphany for http:// links.

See  the Debian Thunderbird FAQ
That helped. Thanks. Thunderbird now starts mozilla-firefox. I added preferences (3rd solution) to my user.js. I don't think editing prefs.js is recomended. And user's personal preferences in user.js are read at start time and copied over to prefs.js.

Thunderbird does not properly handle http & https links. What to do?

Three solutions are described.

Earlier you wrote:

I use Thunderbird, so clicking on mailto: links should open
Thunderbird(for different applications). Right now nothing happens.

See /usr/share/doc/mozilla-thunderbird/README.Debian.gz

Firefox/Thunderbird integration:

Gnome users can use the default application configuration
tool included in gnome-control-center. Set the default
Mail-Reader Command to: mozilla-thunderbird -compose %s

It continues with more options, but this works for me. I use gnome-control-center to manage settings, but I don't use gnome! I use openbox for a window manager and fspanel for a panel which makes for a very lightweight desktop and fast performance on this old P3 128mb box.


I normally use KDE or IceWM. I tried using "component chooser" for KDE, but it works for KDE applications only, i.e. if I clicked an email link from Firefox/Mozilla it wouldn't open Thunderbird for me, whereas clicking an email link from Konqueror opens Thunderbird.

I also tried using similar options in Firefox to the ones used for Thunderbird. It does not open thunderbird but gives me an error message:

Error launching browser window: TypeError:
Components.classes['@mozilla.org/appshell/component/browser/instance:1'] has no properties

Thanks again,

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