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Re: Yanking a USB Hard Drive/ReiserFS causes Kernel Panic

"Ben Hutchings" <ben.hutchings@businesswebsoftware.com> writes:

> Absolutely not.  The point of keeping a journal is to preserve the
> integrity of the filesystem even in an operation is unexpectedly
> interrupted (whether by a crash or a power failure).  This should
> provide resilience to disconnection, too, but that doesn't mean
> disconnection without warning would be safe: the integrity of the
> filesystem is not the same as the integrity of every file within it.

That's not what we're talking about here, though, if you follow the
thread.  You expect some corruption when you yank out a disk without
proper unmounting, if you are unlucky.  You don't expect a kernel panic
when you do. Well, at least I don't.  When I'm talking about it would be
'fine' to yank out a usbkey formated in FAT or ext2 without unmounting it
first, I'm talking about the fact it won't cause a kernel panic (again,
the context would have been apparent if you followed the thread).

John L. Fjellstad
web: http://www.fjellstad.org/          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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