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ssh, su and root access

Hi all,
  I have a doubt. I ussually use ssh to access remote machines without sending any password 
(PasswordAuthentication no) and I store private keys with the help of ssh-agent.
  This is valid also to login as another users (including root) in the local machine
(ssh root@localhost). With the help of ssh agent, on can open several root sessions by only
asking one password: the one of my private key "id_rsa". In this way I void tping a root password any time
I want to be root.
It is very easy for me to work this way, but I would to know if there could be aware of any possible
security problems to do so. The only problem is that if I make ssh root@localhost, its gain root privileges
whitout asking any password.

Luis Llana.

In a world without walls, who neds Windows?

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