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Thank you for contacting Napster.  In order to properly route your email and to serve you better, please use the following Help Request form for Customer Support issues, Feedback to tell us what you think, or write to the below email addresses for non-technical and other business related inquiries.

To send a help request go to:  http://www.napster.co.uk/helprequest_form.html
To send feedback go to:  http://www.napster.co.uk/feedback_form.html 
Many questions can also be answered by our FAQ's and User Guide located within the "Help" section of Napster.
Media Inquiries 
If you are a member of the press or have a media-related question, contact media@napster.co.uk
Business Development 
If you are interested in partnering with Napster for new distribution or technology, contact businessdevelopment@napster.co.uk 
Artist and Label Inquiries 
If you are a musician or work for a record label and want to find out about featuring your music on Napster, contact artistrelations@napster.co.uk 
If you are interested in working for Napster, contact jobs@napster.co.uk
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