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SourceForge.net moving to Fedora Core from Debian [SourceForge.net PR-Web Upgrade Notice.]

SourceForge.net is moving to Fedora Core from Debian!!!
This is a huge backoff for the Debian community.
Please do something to help SourceForge.net not take this step!!!
We need to hear why they are moving to Fedora Core and what problems
need to be fixed in Debian so they don't take this way.

----- Forwarded message from "SourceForge.net Team" <noreply@sourceforge.net> -----

From: "SourceForge.net Team" <noreply@sourceforge.net>
Subject: SourceForge.net PR-Web Upgrade Notice.

You are receiving this email because you are an Admin of a project
on SourceForge.net.   (Note: These update emails are very low 
volume, approximately twice a year).

The SourceForge.net team is pleased to announce the long-awaited
upgrade to our project web service.  SourceForge.net staff are
currently in the process of completing hardware procurement and
system build-out.  The official date for this upgrade has not yet
been set; once our hardware build-out has been completed, the
date will be announced on the SourceForge.net Site Status page.

This upgrade consists of a significant hardware upgrade and
Operating System upgrade.  Due to the large upgrades involved here,
it may be necessary to upgrade your scripts.

Old configuration:

  Debian Potato
  Linux kernel 2.4.x
  GNU libc 2.2.1
  Apache 1.3.26
  Perl 5.005_03
  PHP 4.1.2
  Python 1.5.2
  Tcl 8.0

New configuration:

  Fedora Linux: Fedora Core 2
  Linux kernel 2.6.x
  GNU libc 2.3.3
  Apache 2.0.51
  Perl 5.8.3
  PHP 4.3.8
  Python 2.3.3
  Tcl 8.4.5

Additional upgrades may be performed after this initial upgrade is
completed; any follow-up changes will be announced via the
Site Status page.

A host roughly matching the configuration of the new project web
servers is being placed within the Compile Farm on 2004-10-22.
Additional information regarding the Compile Farm may be found
at: https://sourceforge.net/docs/E02/

Questions or concerns regarding this upgrade may be directed to
SourceForge.net staff by submitting a Support Request as per:

Thank you,

SourceForge.net staff

----- End forwarded message -----

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