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Re: Printing from Gimp

Pigeon wrote:

On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 01:30:07PM -0700, Freddy Freeloader wrote:
Hi All,

I have an HP OfficeJet 5500 set up to print through CUPS. I can get it to print from OpenOffice, from a browser, etc.... My problem is in getting it to print from Gimp. There are no gimpprint drivers available for the OJ 5500, at least I can't find any, and I have the 1.6.2 version of HPIJS installed, so I downloaded the correct .ppd file and set Gimp up to use the printer as a PostScript Level2 printer and browsed to the .ppd file and showed Gimp where it is. There is an activity bar that runs across the bottom of page showing Gimp getting ready to print, but nothing prints. The spooler never shows any print jobs and neither does the CUPS printer or print jobs page when connecting to it by browser. (All jobs except for the Gimp jobs show up here and print successfully)

I am obviously configuring something wrong in Gimp, or I am missing a software component somewhere, but what?

What print command is gimp using?

I install cupsys-bsd and tell everything to print using lp (not lpr as
many things default to). Gimp prints fine using this method (never
tried any other method in fact).

I installed the cupsys-bsd package and my results changed a little. Now the print job shows up in "completed jobs" in the CUPS admin page with a job name of (stdin) but nothing gets printed. The spooler icon shows up for about 5 seconds and then closes too.

The printer command in the Gimp interface is "lp -s -dPrinter_Name -oraw".

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