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Re: problems with new apt-proxy

Nick Hastings wrote:


* Art Edwards <edwardsa@icantbelieveimdoingthis.com> [041021 09:18]:
I have upgraded to the newest apt-proxy and things have become really
sloooowwww. I spend a lot of time [Waiting for headers]. Is there some
configuration that I'm missing?

Sounds like you're experiencing a know bug (don't know the number
off the top of my head). The workaround is to disable pipelining: in
your /etc/apt-proxy/apt-proxy-v2.conf change disable_pipelining=0 to disable_pipelining=1



PS. This was the work round suggested on the Debian bug tracking
page some time ago: Best you check it yourself.

Many thanks. Things are moving very nicely now.

Art Edwards

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