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Re: Highpoint HPT374 Controller + debian install

Chad Davis wrote:

I have a highpoint HPT373 controller and am trying to install Debian. However I can not get it to read the drives because none of the
kernels have the correct drivers included.  How can I deal with this
and get debian installed? What are my options? Any feedback would be

FWIW, I have the same controller and had a hassle installing a different distro (SuSE). I've subsequently used both ordinary kernel drivers and highpoint's own stuff which I compiled and inserted myself. Neither worked all that well. My impression is that it's best to run the OS off one of the ordinary, non-highpoint ide or sata channels and keep the highpoint stuff for disks carrying data as distinct from a boot disk and OS. This would allow you to install as normal, then get to grips with a custom kernel later in order to bring the highpoint disks online. Just my 2 cents.



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