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Re: losing vc cursor

Wayne Topa wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom(hvw59601@care2.com) is reported to have said:

Hi Debian!

At times I lose my cursor in a vc.
Is there a way to try to get it back?
This is probably related to the fact that I use 2.6.7-Ruby multi-user Linux. I'll ask there...


I also am experiencing that Hugo.  I 'think' I have narrowed it down
to running either rxvt or xterm.  If I don't have X running I never
lose the cursor, but with a term running in X, I 'sometimes' do.

setterm -cursor on does not return the cursor to the console.
Shutting down X, with a term running, does, eventualy allow the cursor
to show up in the console.

It is not really reproducable enough for me to file a bug report to
any package.  So I haven't.


I noticed after posting with cursors gone on all vc's, that later I somehow got them back again. I don't know when of course. I will try restarting X. Thanks!

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