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RE: Formatting an unused partition

Do a df -h and look for hdb10 to make sure it is not mounted/used.

The next stage depends on how paranoid you are, at this point if you are confident its unused you can make a file system on it. If not mount it and go see if amything is in it.



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Bonjour tous,

I have two HDDs (40+80G). The smaller one (/dev/hda)
has WinXP on it(hardly used), and bigger one
(/dev/hdb) has Debian Sid installed. I was checking
free space on /dev/hdb and by chance summed up all the
partition sizes. I was surprised to see that the sum
was considerably less than 80GB(I didn't even remember
that it was there). I did a cat /proc/partitions and
it showed that there was an ~18GB partition
(/dev/hdb10). Then I checked with cfdisk and it showed
the partion as  FS=Linux but no type.

What are the various options that I use to format that
partion and use it? I did read about cfdisk but I just
want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing as it
is being done as root.


PS: The output of cfdisk is copied below:

Disk Drive: /dev/hdb
                        Size: 80026361856 bytes, 80.0
              Heads: 255   Sectors per Track: 63  
Cylinders: 9729

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type         
[Label]        Size (MB)

    hdb1        Boot        Primary   Linux ext3      
    hdb2                    Primary   Linux ext3      
    hdb3                    Primary   Linux ext3      
    hdb5                    Logical   Linux ext3      
    hdb6                    Logical   Linux swap      
    hdb7                    Logical   Linux ext3      
    hdb8                    Logical   Linux ext3      
    hdb9                    Logical   Linux ext3      
    hdb10                   Logical   Linux           

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