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How to use 2 sound cards in Debian

Hi there,

I would like to use two sound cards with my Debian unstable install.  As
seen with this lsmod, the drivers are there for my two cards:

snd_emu10k1            98920  2
snd_rawmidi            25156  2 snd_mpu401_uart,snd_emu10k1
snd_pcm                98728  4 snd_bt87x,snd_intel8x0,snd_emu10k1
snd_timer              25668  1 snd_pcm
snd_seq_device          8200  2 snd_emu10k1,snd_rawmidi
snd_ac97_codec         70020  2 snd_intel8x0,snd_emu10k1
snd_page_alloc         11752  4 snd_bt87x,snd_intel8x0,snd_emu10k1,snd_pcm
snd_util_mem            4576  1 snd_emu10k1
snd_hwdep               9412  1 snd_emu10k1
snd                    57156  15
i810_audio             37588  0
ac97_codec             18956  1 i810_audio

There are other modules of course, this was the most pertinent to show they
were both there.  I'm running kernel 2.6.8 with alsa and it works fine with
the emu10k1 but I can't address the second sound card (intel_810).

The problem I have is that I can't seem to figure out how to direct output
to it.  The sound card isn't seen by KDE/X or even the alsamixer.  What do
I need to do to make the second device (the on-board intel_8x0) useable?


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