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Re: unable to find swap space signature

On Friday 15 October 2004 23:02, messmate wrote:
> Hi folks,
> what can this mean ' unable to find swap space signature'
> on boot ?
> Thanks for the info
Apparently it means that the kernel couldn't activate the swap space (a region 
on a hard disk used for storing temporary information when RAM isn't enough).
This is annoying, swap is important.

For now, could you tell more about your problem and its severity?
  Does the boot continue after this error, or is it blocked?
  Your system runs very slow?
  How did you install? 
  Any errors during installation?

If the boot just stops there, then the best might be to go back to the 
installation steps.
If you can boot you could check the result of the 'free' command, and also see 
what you have concerning the swap in /etc/fstab ( % more /etc/fstab | grep 
sw ). I've heard of the command 'swapon', perhaps you could try it as well.


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