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Re: xfce

Erik wrote:
> How can I change runlevel, to get the prompt when booting ?.

I assume you don't want the display manager (xdm,kdm,gdm) to be started
when you boot your machine? Well on debian the display manager is
started on all multiuser runlevels (2-5). I you never want to start your
display manager automatically you should do as root:

update-rc.d -f <display manager> remove

where <display manger> is either xdm, kdm, or gdm. The other option
would be just to uninstall it (again as root)

apt-get remove <display manger>

> Anyway the xfce4 command did not execute anything :-(

To start xfce4 from the console you should do as a normal user:

cat << EOF > .xsession

exec xfce4-session

chmod +x .xsession

and use the startx command to start it.


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