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Re: how to print PDF from mozilla

Apparently, _John L Fjellstad_, on 10/10/04 21:25,typed:
"H. S." <greatexcalibur@yahoo.com> writes:

I am using Mozilla 1.6 in Sarge (running 2.6.7-1-686) and was able to
print to PDF files from Mozilla directly by choosing
xp_pdf_spool... (or something like this) option from the Print menu of
Mozilla till  a few months ago IIRC. I am not able to do so anymore. I
can though print PS. Am I missing something here?

The option was removed from Mozilla by the Debian package maintainer.
If you search the mailinglist archives, you can find some discussion
about it.  It was put back in in the current Mozilla package in Sid, and
will probably show up in Sarge in not to distance future.

hm .. okay, I will wait. Thanks for the info, I am looking for the messages you mentioned above.


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