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More on umount problems on shutdown

Several posters, including myself, have cited problems umounting the file 
systems on shutdown with recent 2.6.8 kernels. This may be caused by timing 
problems leaving the file systems busy. I got rid of the error messages and 
got almost all clean file systems on restart by using umount -l ("lazy 
umount") and a sleep to let things settle down.

One of the file systems is ALWAYS recovering its journal on restart (mounts 
to /usr/share). It is found clean and everything is OK, but ...

I tried a sync before umount. Did not help. In the umountfs script, it might 
be too late since all processes have been killed off. The journal service for 
each FS is a process, is it not? So I put the sync, followed by a sleep, in 
the script before the killall's. Did not help there either.

Any other ideas?

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