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Can't get PCMCIA card going when installing Woody

Using the standard boot floppies (rescue, root, four driver disks) on an old P150 laptop with no CD drive. Get to 'Configure a network', and it correctly asks me if my network card is PCMCIA.

However, if I then ask for it to auto-configure, it fails. Same for manually configured - I get a message saying I'm "configured but not activated". Open up another console, find that it's complaining about missing file /var/lib/misc/pcmcia-scheme. I manually create this (zero length, as is on another Debian box I have) and it seems to get further. Now I get a large number of DHCPDISCOVER messages in /var/log/messages, but they end in failure.

Configure manually (configuration kown to be valid) - nope. Sounds like the card is working because it beeps correctly, but there's still no network at the end of it. In /var/log/messages I get

daemon.info.cardmgr: executing: 'modprobe serial_cs'
daemon.info.cardmgr: exuting: './serial start ttyS1'
daemon.info.cardmgr: socket 1: 3Com 572/574 Fasst Ethernet
daemon.info.cardmgr: exeucting: 'modprobe 3c574_cs'
daemon.info.cardmgr: executing: './network start eth0' (At which point I get the beeps).

I'm a bit snookered here. Can't install the base without the network - any clues?


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