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Re: VIA sound problem - exactly

hi ya nate

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Nate Duehr wrote:

> SuSE does nothing Debian can't do... it just autodetects and hand-hold's 
> better in this case. 

yup .. some distro likes to spend their r/d on "hand holding gui" or
sometimes broken gui or wrong resulting files
> Easy to fire up SuSE, look at the config and copy it back to the Debian 
> partition.  Voila... sound.

one would assume, that implies look at the modules it uses
and get the same result on the debian box...
	- do NOT copy the modules files from suse to debian ..
	( or you'd have even more fun problems to chase down )

	- lsmod will be a good indicator of what you need on 
	the deb box to get it working
		/etc/modules.conf  or  /etc/modutils/{sound-somthing}

	- if suse has an rc.sound file or equivalent, use it too
	( mine doesn't but different installs does different things )

- i always make /etc/rc.d or /etc/init.d stop and start scripts to 
  reset or stop just that silly service

> Linux is Linux.

yup ... and most alll apps are common amongst all distro
with a few expection of i have this app and you dont ..

the installer gui is the major noticeable difference
and where things are kept or how other files are created on the file

other differences

c ya

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