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How to make modules accessible after kernel rebuild

I have built a new kernel (2.4.22), using make-kpkg, and it works OK except 
that various modules are not being found/loaded. Compared to the old kernel 
(a standard Debian binary one), I have configured a number of options to be 
modules instead of built in as they were before.

I have tried loading one or two of them manually using modprobe, and they seem 
to load OK. As an example, my ATAPI CD-ROM drive was accessed correctly by 
the previous kernel using the built-in ide-cd module. But now, even after 
loading the ide-cd module manually, the system still seems to try to access 
it using some SCSI mechanism (presumably the ide-scsi module or something 

/lib/modules/modprobe.conf and /etc/modules.conf have not been updated by the 
kernel rebuild, and neither have any files in /etc/modprobe.d. I presume that 
the problem is simply that the configuration files lack details of the new 
modules. How can I add the correct details? (Not just the mechanism for 
adding them, which I presume is to use update-modules, but how I can 
determine what the correct configuration entries should be.)

David Jarvie.

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