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Re: Detached Signatures in Pine

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On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Paul Johnson wrote:

<#secure method=pgp mode=sign>
Ritesh Raj Sarraf <riteshsarraf@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

"Detached Signature" means that the signature isn't encoded into the
original email, leaving it untouched. Instead it gets itself attached as
a file.

Ah, that's PGP/MIME, though different MIME parts aren't necessarily
files.  You have run into a limitation in PINE: There is no method to
use PGP/MIME with PINE.  If I were you, I would seriously consider
using one of the more featureful (and actually free, unlike PINE)
MUAs, like mutt or gnus.

This is where the problems arise. Mutt -- Looks promising, but isn't as
good as Pine(Personal taste though). Pine has more decent way of
displaying IMAP folders, under Mutt it requires more keystrokes. Saving
addresses in Pine is simple and easy, will have to learn it in Mutt.
Visiting links too is easier in Pine, how in Mutt I don't know. I don't
want to keep learning an MUA for these minor features.
GNUS -- First, very difficult to configure. Gnus for Emacs, I'm a VIM
lover. I spent days coping with Emacs using vip-mode and viper, but no
- --- Vim is better.

PS: Please have a look at the Reply-To: header in your MUA.
- -- Ritesh Raj Sarraf
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