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Re: Steven Jones,John Summerfield,Alvin Oga

Alvin Oga wrote:
hi ya goose

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, g00se wrote:

I know that you all have some experience with installing on Dell Optiplex
GX. I'm a Debian noob and wondered if one or more of you might be around to
give a bit of advice at kernel module configuration time?

think you didnt see the part about i don't like dell's ..

	- you cannot give me a dell to put important data on it
	andif you do, i'd most likely give it away

	- when i go out or get called to fix something, guess what box it
	is, its a dell dude ! 

	random statistics says it can also be compaq, hp, ibm, gateways,
	home-made off-the-shelf but its not ... it's a dell that died
	and who knows what part one can use from the local pc store
	to fix the dead dell

	- and mind you, dell's are great in that it makes me $$$,
	it's just that i wouldn't use it if it's my choice

Aah.. a hardware critic.. :)
for kernel modules ... what precisely is the problem

and if you are local in silly-con-valley ... stop on in ... :-)

Ey, keeping all that juicy info a secret ?
Play nice!
c ya


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