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Re: Preinstalled System

--- disciple@exis.net wrote:

> I've decided to buy a PC with Debian Preinstalled. 
> Should I go with
> "Stable" Woody or "Development" Sarge?

I installed stable woody from purchased CD's (which is
what you will be buying) and have been able to upgrade
it to "Sarge" status by recompiling the source code
BUT it was a real hassle.  

The next time I have to do it to get to what comes
after Sarge it will be a snap because I learned many
small lessons that were not in tutorials; in fact a
lot of the answers were gotten from this mailing list.

To answer your question; if you are the kind of user
that will want to get into things like recompiling the
source (or installing and configging kernel packages,
which is easier) the I would get the Woody and
immediately begin the learning process.  If you don't
want to do that then get the "Sarge".  It is "stable"
in that it will run fine, it's just that it is still

"Sid" is the testing kernel and is more advanced than
"Sarge" and will cause you problems; stay away from
that one.

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