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Re: weird constant hissing sound coming from one speaker

H. S.

>> there is a constant hissing noise coming from the left speaker

The first  thing you have  to do  is to get  the chassis of  the machine
earthed properly,  either via your power plug  or 'crocodile-clipping' a
good  earth-wire  to  the chassis.   Later  you  can  screw on  a  pucca

Isolate  the speaker-out  wire from  the  sound-card alone,  see if  the
/hiss/ exists. If not go on connecting your peripheral cables and listen
till it appears again.

There are  big ferrite beads available.   Get a couple  of beads through
which  you can  pass the  speaker cable.   You need  not cut  the formed
speaker wire/cable, just  loop-string it at the sound-card  pin end.  If
the hiss has stopped, good.

>> guess this  is a difficult one and  I haven't been able  to give more
>> info

Isolating the problem is a PITA but fixing it once isolated, is easy. ;)


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