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Re: Does Unstable become Testing?

--- "Thomas H. George" <tomgeorge@spininternet.com>

> When Sarge is released does Unstable suddenly become
> Testing or is 
> Testing simply empty until new programs gradually
> migrate from Unstable 
> to Testing?
> I have been regularly doing dist-upgrade to Testing
> regularly for over a 
> year and have been very happy with the results.  No
> significant 
> instability problems and new programs - for example,
> gwc - are 
> available.  After Sarge is released if Testing is
> just empty until 
> programs are ready to be moved from Unstable to
> Testing I want to 
> continue to upgrade.  Is this reasonable?
> Tom George
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No.  Unstable (sid) will always be unstable.  Testing
becomes the new stable, and then a new testing is born


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