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Re: Locked out! How to circumvent password urgently?

Hi Anthony

I'm really late, I know. But this email may help for a future passwd
blues ... :)

On Fri, 2004-09-17 at 20:39, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> I can't access my laptop because neither the user nor the root passwords
> work. I can only think I was hacked last night.
> I can't access via single user either.
> I can get into the system via knoppix. Are there any files in /etc I can
> delete in order to make the system accessible without a password? 
> This is REALLY urgent because I must use the machine tomorrow, so if all
> else fails I shall have to reinstall the system.

                    [ ... ]

Basically all (more or less) you have to do is to type "passwd" in what
I call rescue-mode.

Details here:

Best Regards
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