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Re: sarge release

On Wednesday 22 September 2004 18:36, Jianbo Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know the frozen, release data of sarge? Thanks!
> Regards!
> Jianbo

Hello Jianbo,

We can only make forecasts based on the following figures:


because the final Sarge "will be ready when it will be ready", and it will be 
_good_ and _stable_ 
That's what's really important, no?

If you cannot wait, you can already install Testing ("pre-Sarge") using 
debian-installer RC1. You'll have a system that is usable and good enough if 
stability is not critical for you, and you'll be able to upgrade some 
packages using 'apt-get install <package>'.


Personaly, I installed it on a laptop a while ago for someone I know who's 
very happy with it!

You can also try "unstable".

If you want Sarge for a server, then Woody is still good! or wait for the 
final Sarge one more 10 weeks, or more, maybe less? (it will be ready when it 
will be ready...)

Have fun!


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