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Re: xemacs & auctex

On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 02:11:16 +0100
Vittorio <v.demartino2@virgilio.it> wrote:

> I've just installed xemacs21 to run latex files under kde as I'm
> usually doing with emacs[-21] & auctex. But differently from emacs
> which display a new menu when inputing a .tex file with the "command"
> menu xemacs21 doesn't modify the standard menu although it warns that
> "loading tex-mode  DONE".
> What shall I do to make xemacs21 modify its menu as soon as a .tex
> file is loaded?

Have you tried to put "(require 'tex-site)" in your "~/.emacs"
configuration file?

André Carezia
Eng. de Telecomunicações
Carezia Consultoria - www.carezia.eng.br

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