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Re: saving a session urgent pls

 --- Vijaya S <vijaya@picopeta.com> wrote: 
> hi all,

Anyone that has "urgent" in their subject line is usually ignored. We're
all volunteers here, and you demand no more urgency than anyone else.
Also, is there something wrong with your 'e' and 'a' keys?

> i logged into another machine via ssh and while ediitng using mutt for
> some reason my network went down..

This is why using 'screen' is so very useful.

> how do i go to the remote machinea nd save the file which i edited..The
> remote machine is accessible..

Assuming your editor was vim, it should save a copy of the file as
/path/.swp (or some variant thereof) - you can get vim to use this next
time. Other than that, there is no other means.

-- Thomas Adam

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