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Re: insmod.old/lsmod.old etc probs

Uninstalled module-init-tools, and modutils was already installed, but still doesn't fix the problem I'm afraid:

deaf-pc15:/# lsmod
Kernel requires old lsmod, but couldn't run lsmod.old: No such file or directory

But strangely, in X and using Konsole, running lsmod works just fine:

deaf-pc15:/# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: PF
rfcomm                 30432   0  (autoclean)

I don't have a great problem with this as I generally use X to load/remove modules, but I have probs with the nvidia installer, it has to be run when X is shut down, and it doesn't install the module as it failed to insert it:

-> Kernel module load error: WARNING: /usr/local/sbin/insmod.old: I am not the old version!

Thanks very much for your help again

Cheers - Piers

Adam Aube wrote:
Piers Kittel wrote:

I think it's related to me trying out the 2.6 kernel a while ago and
giving up and going back to the 2.4 kernel, I don't remember exactly
when it occured, but it was several months ago, but when it happened, I
couldn't do any module management, always got complaints that <command
name>.old didn't exist - I did the dirty and nasty thing and softlinked
<command name>.old to <command name> - not a good idea I know, but it
generally works.  But occasionally it doesn't work, such as the nvidia
driver refusing to insert the module in the kernel (strange as it
normally works just fine until now) as it got a warning that insmod.old
isn't really insmod.old ("WARNING: insmod.old: I am not the old
version!") and I'd like to fix it properly and how do I do that?

Make sure that:

1) module-init-tools is removed
2) modutils is installed


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