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How to link kernel_headers?

I installed the kernel_headers_<version> package and
it created a directory that was called:


It seemed a trivial matter to make the link to be:

ln -s /usr/src/kernel_headers_<version> /usr/src/linux

Yet when I tried to "rmp -rebuild <rpm>.src.rpm" it
went off looking for something under a directory that
looked something like this:

/usr/src/kernel_headers_<version>/<more version

It was a trivial matter to issue the "make" command
'by hand' and alter the parameter for the header
location, but I'm confused as to why the way I linked
them up wasn't used?

Am I wrong?  Am I being too simple-minded and the .rpm
programmers trying to tell me to use that EXACT
version of the headers that they had listed there?

I think they had 2.4.9-<something> where mine were
2.4.16.  The rpm (modem driver) compiled but I haven't
tried to use it yet.  Whether it works or not I was
curius about the situation. 

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