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Re: What iso files are people using for sarge?

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 10:38:49 -0700
"Matthew Jackson" <mattjackson@dslextreme.com> wrote:

> Are you all using the weekly build isos or other isos to install sarge
> with? Also, is sarge installed with a 2.4 kernel and if so can it be
> changed to install with a 2.6 kernel?

I've done 2 or 3 clean Sarge installs in the past month. Each time I
have downloaded a daily build of the debian-installer and used it. That
way I only have to download 35 - 100MB (depending on which version of
the installer you want to use) to have a cd I can boot from and start
the installation. (I downloaded a new iso each time as one of the
installs was a Sparc and the other a x86.)

If the installer does not recognize your network setup, you will find
the full installer more helpful than the businesscard image.

This way you only have to download the software you want to use, instead
of the full 13CDs for Sarge (I think that's the size I heard for
Sarge... haven't had a reason to check).

When using the Debian-Installer, enter expert26 at the boot prompt and
it will install a 2.6 kernel for you. There are other options for a 2.6
kernel as well, if you don't want to be in expert mode. I forget what
they are, but the installer will tell you which Fn key to press to see
the list of choices.


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