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Re: Locked out! How to circumvent password urgently?

Anthony Campbell wrote:

I can't access my laptop because neither the user nor the root passwords
work. I can only think I was hacked last night.

I can't access via single user either.

I can get into the system via knoppix. Are there any files in /etc I can
delete in order to make the system accessible without a password?
This is REALLY urgent because I must use the machine tomorrow, so if all
else fails I shall have to reinstall the system.
Assuming you're using shadow passwords, edit /etc/passwd and remove the "x" on the root line. This essentially disables the shadow password for that account. Reboot the machine, log in as root. You need to fix the shadow password issue, and I don't recall all the details, but it's not particularly hard. Spend 5 minutes in google and you'll probably find specific instructions.

Kent West

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