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Re: testing SILENTLY removed mozilla-firefox

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 09:39:52 +1000, Rob Weir <rweir@ertius.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 12, 2004 at 12:29:25PM -0400, Patrick Wiseman said
> > How annoying!  The current versions of mozilla-diggler and
> > -tabextensions are apparently incompatible with the current version
> > (in testing, that is) of mozilla-firefox, so an aptitude update
> > removed firefox.  I know it's 'testing' but that behavior seems really
> > bad.
> It didn't silently remove anything.  When you hit "g" to tell aptitude
> to Go Do Stuff, it will print exactly what it's planning to do, and wait
> for you to hit "g" again to accept it's plan.  Yes, it's annoying
> something was uninstalled, but aptitude did it's best to warn you.

The _first_ time that was so.  It told me that mozilla-diggler and
-tabextensions were incompatible and so firefox would be removed.  I
put them on hold so as to keep firefox.  After a subsequent update, I
looked at the dependencies for diggler and tab extensions and neither
reported any incompatibility with firefox.  I guess I must have missed
something - because you're absolutely right that aptitude usually
tells me exactly what to expect - but, on this occasion, there
appeared to be no problem.  Nonetheless, firefox was removed.  I'll
try to pay better attention next time!


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