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Re: Getting Started with Debian 3.0

Andrew Konosky wrote:


I started out in Linux with RedHat 8.0, then 9.0, and now I run Fedora Core 2 on my primary computer. I have used the Knoppix cd a lot, which I know is based on Debian, so I wanted to try out the full version of Debian. I just installed Debian on my old computer, which was running SuSe 9.1, but I didn't really like SuSe. It is now a Win98SE/Debian 3.0 dual boot system.

I was a little uneasy about the text-only installation after getting used to RedHat's anaconda installer and Suse's fully automatic YaST (which is pretty cool if you've never tried it!), and even more puzzled when I started up KDE2 (which crashes on startup!) instead of 3.2 or 3.3, and Gnome 1.4, which does work. Then I checked the Debian website, and the release date of Nov 21, 2003 explains that. So I have an out-of-date system. I know how to use apt, since I use Synaptic on my FC2 system, but the network card doesn't seem to be working (typing this e-mail on FC2 system...). What program does Debian use to configure network cards?

Once I get the network card setup so I can get online, where might I find a sources.list for apt with some Debian mirros to get updated from?

My FC2 system runs a Samba server to share my mp3 files, which Win98 is setup to see, but I would like to configure Debian to use my FC2 Samba server as well. Any tutorials on this?

And lastly, any general tips/hint/suggestions?


I have another problem with the installation with Debian 3.0. The installer only support two filesystem type: ext2 and xfs. I prefer ext3 and reiserfs. So it is not convience for me. I choose ext2 for installation and when system is availble, the first thing is to convert the ext2 to ext3. Such conversion is not safe sometimes. I am confused that why "ext3" filesystem is not supported whithin the installer, is it unstable?

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