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Re: evolution and web-browser ??

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 07:42, Richard Palfalvi wrote:
> Hi !
> I would like to no from EVOLUTION-Users where I can change the
> default-browser evolution starts when I am clicking on links listed in
> emails? 
> In my case (sarge/testing-distri) evolution always starts epiphany but
> I'd like to use FIREFOX instead.
> I already tried to change this behavior with update-alternatives but
> nothing changed - and I believe now that it has nothing to do with the
> alternatives-system but with some Config-File of evolution.
> I just cannot find the place/file where to tell evolution this
> changement ....
This setting is under "Preferred Applications" found in advanced desktop
settings under the GNOME control panel.

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