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Re: eht0, wlan0: bridge, ifplugd, waproamd

Thanks for the quick reply,

Ronny Aasen wrote:
On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 14:19, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Hello List,

on my laptop I have both a wireless card and an ethernet card
which wok fine separately:
I would like to create a bridge br0 which contains eth0 and wlan0:
does anyone kown if it is possible ?
and how we can do that (the Debian way or not) ?

Thanks in advance,

you need to apt-get install bridge-utils
and read /usr/src/doc/bridge-utils/HOWTO

I did it and I tried but I got into troubles as the waproamd and plugd packages seem not ready to deals with bridges:
hence my request on the list.

no more idea ?

i did belive you could add the br0 settings into you'r
/etc/network/interfaces file to make it easier to get to start at boot,
but it's a while since i'v been doing this.

good luck

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