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gnucash compatibility

I have machines running different versions of debian -- woody and sarge,
to be specific.  Can I use thg gnucashes in woody and sarge interchangably
on the same data files (which are on an NFS-mounted volume).

The question is really about file-format compatibility.  Will gnucash 1.8.9-2
read and write its database in a way that 1.6.6-1 can understand?

Perhaps it will work if I avoid features unique to 1.8.9-1. But If I
inadvertently use one of the new features in 1.8.9-2, will 1.6.6-1
crash, barf, or ignore?

Does anyone have any experience with this?  It would be convenient to be
able to use any system that happens to be available, but not if it renders
my entire personal financial database unreadable.

-- hendrik

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