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hwo to find the cd Number for a given package

Hi every body

I want to know what is the number of a Sarge Cd for a
given package ?
Sure that apt-get knows it, because when I want to
install a package it asks for a CD.
I looked   in the Debian Site to find the content of
CD, I did't find, is there only the iso images ? 
Yes, with the search procedure you can find the
package , but not the number of the Cd which contains

as an example: the lyx word processor is in the sarge
package, But not in 10 (ten) first that I downloaded.

If I knew the Cd, I'd download only that CD.

The problem of downloading directly the package can
give a dependance problem it s better to use apt-get,
instead of dpkg

help is welcome
best regards   



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